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On Thursday 28 May 2009 4:04:28 pm Daniel Carrera wrote:

At first I liked wayland76's proposal, but now I have a new concern:
Most package managers are not designed to hold multiple versions of the
same package. As indicated in S11, it is important that a computer can
hold multiple versions of the same package. I fear that using the native
package manager will make this difficult.

This could probably be resolved, but it would probably require distro-specific
code. On Gentoo, the way to do it would be with 'slots', which are
specifically designed for that use; on Debian, it would seem that the names
would have to be distinguished by an identifier, allowing multiple versions.

        I can confirm that Redhat supports multiple versions:

$ rpm -q kernel

Whether it supports everything that Perl 6 wants is a different question. The options would be:
-       Embed more metadata into the version (version can contain arbitrary
-       Tell people that if they want to use multiple versions at the same
        time, they have to not use RPM for those modules at least.

There may be some middle way, where we can keep the extra metadata out of the version unless there are conflicts.


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