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* PAUSE6; this is an actual network based on the CPAN6 software (see
  above).  It also is not documented here.

Pause6 is one implementation of archive maintenance software.  In the
first version written in Perl5, it implements things like

        I'm still not sure we're on the same page.  Let me give an example:

-       HTTP is a specification
-       Apache is an implementation of a server for that specification
-       www.example.com runs a copy of Apache

        Or another example:
-       Perl6 is a specification
-       Rakudo is an implementation of that specification
-       www.example.com runs a copy of Rakudo (to serve their site)

        So we have:
-       Specification
-       Implementation
-       Installation

Which of those is CPAN6? Which is Pause6? Your use of the word "implementation" is confusing me; I'm saying Pause6 is the installation (accessible to the world). Is that what you're saying?


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