We (mberends and masak) just pushed a commit to S32::Temporal which
completely replaces what we had before. The changes are rooted in
hours of discussion on #perl6, and we feel rather more confident with
what we have now than with what we had before.

That said, discussion is very welcome.

I do want to explicitly credit Dave Rolsky, whose work on the DateTime
family of modules on CPAN has informed much of the current spec,
sometimes to the point of verbatim copying.

The change that just went in is complete in itself, but we still
expect to add the following details to it:

* DateTime::TimeZone
* The methods strftime and strptime
* DateTime::Duration
* ops: $dt + $dur, $dt - $dur, $dt - $dt

Expect these in the next few days or so.

// Carl

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