On Thu, 8 Apr 2010, Carl Mäsak wrote:

I do want to explicitly credit Dave Rolsky, whose work on the DateTime
family of modules on CPAN has informed much of the current spec,
sometimes to the point of verbatim copying.

Thanks, but I'd hate to see you copy all my mistakes too!

One thing I think is really important is to offer a Date-only object without a time component.

The lack of such an object in Perl 5's DateTime family is a real problem. If you're only interested in dates and date math, time and time zones just muddies the water.

Also, I really don't think that supporting time zones only in the form of "+0100" is useful. This gives the _illusion_ of time zone support, but will inevitable cause all sorts of user facing problems. Buy maybe this is part isn't done?

On a smaller point, I think second vs whole_second is the wrong Huffman coding. I'd think most people want the integer value.


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