Is Int a proper type? I hope I can use basic operation within Date and hours
in perl6 like:
              Date -1/24 + 1/24/60 + Date

On Fri, Apr 9, 2010 at 10:00 PM, Moritz Lenz <> wrote:

> Am 09.04.2010 15:33, schrieb Dave Rolsky:
>  On Thu, 8 Apr 2010, Carl Mäsak wrote:
>>  I do want to explicitly credit Dave Rolsky, whose work on the DateTime
>>> family of modules on CPAN has informed much of the current spec,
>>> sometimes to the point of verbatim copying.
>> Thanks, but I'd hate to see you copy all my mistakes too!
>> One thing I think is really important is to offer a Date-only object
>> without a time component.
>> The lack of such an object in Perl 5's DateTime family is a real
>> problem. If you're only interested in dates and date math, time and time
>> zones just muddies the water.
> I fully agree. I found Date::Simple on CPAN to do exactly what I want if I
> want date-only arithmetic. Here's a short summary:
> * Dates are constructed with today() or date('2010-04-09')
> * Operations: Date - Date => Int, Date + Int => Date, Date - Int => Date.
> Also ++ and -- are defined for Date objects. (In Perl 6 that would
> Date.succ, Date.pred)
> * Date objects can be queried for year, month, day, day of week (maybe day
> of year too, not sure)
> * Date objects stringify in the same format as accepted in the constructor.
> That's it.
> I hope to find the tuits to add such a type to the spec, and some
> additional constructors (like DateTime.Date or so).

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