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> And is it really so hard to teach: "use underscore by default and reserve
> hyphens for between a noun and its adjective"? Perhaps it *is*, but
> then that's a very sad reflection on our profession.

If anything, it's a sad reflection on humanity. I don't see any special
reason that our profession should be an exception to Sturgeon's law.

And, IMHO, conventions should be such that every Joe-Coder should to be able
to understand and use them, which means they should be as simple as
possible. This thread itself proves that the choice of places where hyphen
and underscore should be used under this scheme *feels* ambiguous, even if
it strictly isn't so.

I believe it would be best to have a rule for hyphen-or-underscore that can
be mechanically applied. This would enable a perl6critic tool to check its
proper usage, and more importantly, make the choice easy for Joe-Coder since
he does not like to think much about function names.

With such conventions, it is important to cater to mere mortals, since their
code would form the bulk, which means a misunderstanding on their part would
make their 'convention' the popular one, which is probably not a good thing.
We might end up with PHP-ish nightmare of mixed conventions in function

I might go so far as to say that we could drop underscores altogether, and
embrace the Lispy way of using hyphens everywhere. Easier to type, looks
good, and simple to apply.

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