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> Perl borrows vocabulary almost exclusively from English, but it is
> not English, and its conventions are not those of English.  (And the
> conventions around hyphens that people are citing are quite specifically
> those of standard written English; other writing systems, even those using
> the same alphabet and mostly the same punctuation, have different rules).

Consider s/English/Linux/ for example. :-)

One consideration leading up to allowing "-" in P6 identifiers (initially in 
the context of an optional syntax-tweaking module) involved compatibility with 
fairly common usage in {directory and file} names (where spaces are avoided for 
cross-platform reasons). I've always thought {Lisp variable names and 
Unix/Linux file names} with hyphens (versus underscores) were {more readable 
and substantially easier to type (during long typing sessions)}. 



> I would personally like to see hyphens used as the standard word separator,
> with underscores available for exceptions - say, naming a Perl interface
> method exactly the same as the underlying C function it provides access to.


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