Aaron Sherman wrote:
The more I look at this, the more I think ".." and "..." are reversed. ".."
has a very specific and narrow usage (comparing ranges) and "..." is
probably going to be the most broadly used operator in the language outside
of quotes, commas and the basic, C-derived math and logic ops. Many (most?)
loops will involve "...". Most array initializers will involve "...". Why
are we not calling that ".."? Just because we defined ".." first, and it
grandfathered its way in the door? Because it resembles the math op? These
don't seem like good reasons.

I would rather that ".." stay with intervals and "..." with generators. The mnemonics make more sense that way. Having ".." resemble the math op with the same meaning, intervals, is a good thing. Besides comparing ranges, an interval would also often be used for a membership test, eg "$a <= $x <= $b" would alternately be spelled "$x ~~ $a..$b" for example. I would imagine that the interval use would be more common than the generator use in some problem domains. -- Darren Duncan

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