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On 2018-02-10 05:16, Parrot Raiser wrote:
On 2/10/18, Darren Duncan <> wrote:

I think if we want to keep "Perl" in the name we should use "C" as a precedent.
Other related languages keeping "C" include "Objective C", "C#", "C++",

Perl++ would work.
doesn't explain well what makes "Perl_6" special and convenient.

Have a list of specialties, like:
- hyper-operators
- ...

and then use that to inspire a name, like:

PerlZ (toothpaste)


Plector (in use)





I still like 'Onion'.
And 'Perl6' (without any separator).

-- Greetings, Ruud

So also think about search engines. Remember "go, golang" (IMO DOA).

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