While I am not an expert in R, My observation about the specific features
that I use often in R and its equivalence in Perl is as follows.

   - The *apply functions, Technically it is similar to Perl's map/grep and
   - Magrittr: Perl5 has no equivalent function, Perl6 has the pipe
   operator ==>
   - the tidyverse set of packages, Python has stolen some of the features
   from this package (ggplot and dplyr) I am not aware of any equivalent
   package in Perl.
   - Literate Programming via knitr ( Python has Jupyter) The nearest
   equivalent I find in Perl is one of the template engines but it is really
   not the same...

I suspect that while P6 has the nuts and bolts of being a great language
for DataScience, It does not provide a complete out of the box experience.

For me to consider P6 instead of R for my Data Analytics, At a minimum I
would prefer to have the equivalent of the tidyverse package,Leaflet and
associated GIS packages and knitr(Which already supports Perl)



On Tue, Feb 20, 2018 at 9:36 PM, yary <not....@gmail.com> wrote:

> A bit of a digression around marketing/evangelizing
>> When I wanted to learn DataScience, courses using R and Python were
>> readily available. Even though I had been using Perl for 20 years, I did
>> not even know where to start in the Perl ecosystem!
> I've wondered why PDL isn't more popular, more of a thing in the wide
> world of science. https://metacpan.org/pod/PDL
> And PDL was very much in mind during the early & mid design stages of
> Perl6. There's a huge opportunity for Perl6 to be a great platform for data
> science if it can add PDL's data-crunching performance & expressiveness to
> its already wonderful concurrency models.
> -y


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