On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 05:55:54PM +0000, raiph mellor wrote:
> (Perl) Rakudo
> ===========
> If jnthn and pmichaud and larry can warm to this idea, then:
> [...]
> The 'Perl' could be dropped from Rakudo specific propaganda,
> calling the language just Rakudo instead, to reinforce that it refers
> to 6e and beyond. But the Perl could be retained in any material
> covering both Raptor and Rakudo as a reunified tech / community.

FWIW, I am VERY MUCH AGAINST the idea of naming a language after its 
implementation.  I've seen the confusion it causes in other environments and we 
ought not repeat that mistake here, especially since we don't have to.

Whatever things end up being called, don't confuse the implementation(s) with 
the language definition.


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