At 10:41 -0600 2000.09.11, Tom Christiansen wrote:
>I suggest that one explore the answer to this question:
>    What does one wish to prohibit people from doing?

That is an excellent question.  Bradley Kuhn asked we hold off on more
discussion until he can release some RFCs tomorrow.  I will put aside other
related discussions, but this is the one discussion, which Rush proposed,
which I don't think has any need to wait.

In broad, inexact, and incomplete terms:

I wish to prohibit people from presenting my work as their own.

I wish to prohibit people from releasing modified versions of my work that
do not clearly, without question, note the modifications and
incompatibilies, so they are not misrepresented as my work, while they are

I wish to prohibit people from distributing my work in any form without
prominent, working pointers to the complete, free of charge, unmodified

Let me disagree (?) with Ben, who wrote:
>I wish to prohibit people from distributing something that they call
>Perl which differs significantly from Perl and has changes which Perl
>cannot choose to reincorporate into the standard version.

I was going to disagree, but then I just decided I don't know what this
means.  What I don't understand is this thing about incorporating changes
into the Standard Version.  Why does it matter?

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