Russ Allbery wrote:
> Chris Nandor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > The Package must ALWAYS be distributed under the same licensing terms as
> > the original.  Unless it is public domain or you are the copyright
> > holder, you cannot change the licensing terms.
> Not true, as far as I know.  I believe that in general, you can distribute
> under any complying *subset* of the licensing terms.

I believe that is correct as well.
> > No, Larry is the Copyright Holder:
> Like it or not, Larry hasn't required copyright assignments and therefore
> no longer holds full legal title to all of Perl.  This will, in any sane
> universe, never actually cause problems, but it does mean that this idea
> of getting a private agreement with the copyright holder is nebulous at
> best.

I agree with this as well.

> It's quite possible that a major contributor to Perl could come along
> later, disagree with something Larry gave someone permission to do, and
> insist that they stop or remove their contributions to Perl from the code
> that they're using.

I don't think this is completely out the question, either.  I was actually
planning on writing an RFC that proposes that all contributions to the core
be copyright assigned to Larry. 

I figured that would be a controversial proposal, but it does avert the
problems that Russ brings up.

It seems to me that we should ask all perl developers to trust Larry
completely in matters of licensing, and thus copyright assign to him so he
can make changes as necessary.

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