Tom Christiansen wrote:
>I suggest that one explore the answer to this question:
>     What does one wish to prohibit people from doing?

My answer matches my understanding of what you have said
in the past.

I wish to prohibit people from distributing something that
they call Perl which differs significantly from Perl and
has changes which Perl cannot choose to reincorporate into
the standard version.

I wish to allow things called Perl which differ from Perl
because I wish to have porting Perl be possible, and Perl
ports both should be called Perl (to allow easy porting of
scripts) and must differ from Perl.  I think that such
things should be available under the same terms as Perl.

I wish to allow essentially complete freedom to create and
distribute things based on, or which use, Perl that are not
called Perl.  These are fine as long as they do not threaten
Larry's ability to control the definition of what people
think of as Perl.

I don't care if people charge for Perl as long as they do
not claim it is their work they are charging for.

Does that suffice and match your opinion?

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