On Sun, Sep 03, 2000 at 09:22:55PM -0600, Nathan Torkington wrote:
> Simon Cozens is working on a perforce replacement, with some features
> that the pumpkings of perl5 have asked for.  If his gets working, I'd
> love to see it integrated into SourceForge.

Its not entirely clear if you're advocating we wait for this Perforce
replacement before instituting a cannoical Perl 6 repository, or just
mentioning it.

If its the former, then as a rule of thumb when working on a large
project its best to remove as much unnecesarry uncertainty as
possible.  Using a freshly built Perforce/CVS replacement for Perl6
seems like alot of unnecessary uncertainty.

(I just hope I didn't start another Perforce vs CVS war.)

Sourceforge worries me a bit.  Not having direct access to a CVS
repository can be very limiting, and I've found their response times
to administrative requests to be slow (in some cases I've never gotten
a response).  Perhaps we could petition them for ssh access to our CVS

For the time being, I'll set up QA's camp at Sourceforge.

> We'll need an automated distributed build system, similar to the
> Mozilla and SourceForge systems.

CPANTS will need something similar.  We should coordinate once things
solidify a bit.

> The QA folks are going to come up with (are coming up with) a system
> to integrate testing into documentation, so that tests can be
> associated with the features described in the documentation.  
> The extraction and application of the tests will need to be part of
> the build process.

This part will be almost trivial.


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