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  NT> I've heard people asking for RFCs to continue after the brainstorming.
  NT> What do we want to do that we need RFCs for?  Design?  Implementation?
  NT> Working out the fine details of behaviour?

well, this is the right time to open discussion on the next phase of
perl6. i think having the rfc's open to all was overall good but i wish
we had the infrastructure of the lists and stuff done before bootstrap
was created. the logjam there took forever to unclog. so let that be the
first lesson for our next phase. let's define it, its goals, and its
structure. then unleash the hounds.

some musings:

i think we need two major phases in parallel here. one is to generate a
decent coherent spec of the perl6 language. larry should lead that with
a strong hand. no flames from the unwashed masses on his choices. larry
could select teams and leaders to help him take the rfc's he likes and
to refine them into a proper spec. this should not be open to the public
except as read only. mythical man month is right here, we gave larry the
brainstorm, now we need a clean architecture given back to us. and
keeping with MMM's ideas, let's not fall into the trap of what to the
rest of us programmers do? first we all have our regular lives and jobs
to do so that is ok. but like he said, there are many other areas we
could work on like QA tools (schwern's bag), proof of concept code, etc.

the second part is internals. not to take anything from dan, but i see a
bottom up approach being very useful here. hammer out some
working/prototype vtable code, work on the new I/O subsystems (this is a
big project in its own right), work on byte code and related design
issues, etc. again, these teams should be led and staffed by people with
real experience in those areas. this should not be a public exercise
(again read only should apply to any outsiders).

waiting for larry (and the results of my business plan contest entry).
both due on friday. :)

just my $.02 for now,


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