On Tuesday, October 10, 2000 10:51 AM, Dan Sugalski [SMTP:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] wrote:
> >Yep, this is my only concern. It should be reasonably easy to say "I
> >really want to help" and get on the closed lists. Perhaps the best way
> >of making sure the lists don't bloat into "everyone has an opinion"
> >lists is to require that *all* members contribute code to that list's
> >purpose. If you're on the list, you _must_ program. So, if you really
> >want to help with async i/o, that's fine, join -internals-io, but be
> >aware that if you aren't actively contributing code you'll be dropped.
> I'd rather not limit the subscriptions to people that are coding. We need
> as many folks with good design skills as we can muster, and I'd rather not
> require them to also submit code. The two skills (coding and designing) are
> separate ones--good coders can (and often are) lousy designers, while good
> designers aren't necessarily good coders. Good design skills are also
> significantly scarcer than good coding skills.
> I also don't want to lose the folks with experience in an area just because
> they don't have time to do code either. Someone like Graham, Tim, or Alan
> might well be able to drop a mail message or six in between other things
> while still not having the time (or interest) to sit down and actually
> write a chunk of code.
> That pretty much leaves us with "wing it" as a methodology, but that's
> probably OK for now.

Hmmm. Impressive... logic and fairness. I'm sorry I'm just not used to that in 
discussing this issue.

However, what opportunities can we have for checks/balances? Surely you can see 
that something should be in place to prevent the type of mess we're in right 
now, no? (forest/trees)

Sometimes I feel like an advocate of "Save the Whales". People have heard it so 
many times, they just get tired of it. Doesn't mean that in 2307 the space 
probe won't destroy our planet unless Kirk goes back in time to ... no wait, 
lost my train of thought.

Sometimes I feel like an advocate of "Save the Rain Forest". We all know if we 
don't, we're dead. We still get annoyed by people shouting "Save the Rain 
Forest" and want to lock them out of our lives, because we're selfish and 
_want_ to drive our cars. Hmmm, I think that's quite a decent analogy.

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