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> Not only is it wrong, it's also hurting our chances.  When an article
> in perl.com is so overwhelmingly negative about the work so far, do
> you think that stirs confidence in what we're doing?  Do you think
> that people will read the article and think "yeah, I want to write
> code for *that* project".  Will they think "I'm looking forward to
> perl6!"  No, of course they won't.  They'll think "it's a typical Perl
> fuckup".

That may be understating the case.  I'm currently working
on (with?) a product that relies heavily on perl (5.005), 
both as a support language and an embedded language.

It's not a perfect fit, but it was the best fit at the time.

With mixed messages about 5.6, an ultimate migration to 6 
which may scare away extended development with perl 5.8,
and a indefinite development period on 6 itself, how
many people are going to start hedging their bets and
investigating other non-perl solutions to their problems?

Perl 6, if the general direction of the RFCs hold true,
will be a much better fit for this company and their 
product.  Can they wait?  *Will* they wait?  I know
they've already started some migration to Java and Python.

I'm all for the truth - nothing worse than a room full of
"our shit don't stink" marketers - but let's not scare folks
away, either.

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