I'll make this short. Here is what I see as the root cause
of the perl6-* lists errr, hubbub.

I think the biggest lesson learned here should be to have
more than "days" between the decision to open it to The World,
and announcing that it would be opened to The World.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to expect lots and lots o' 
traffic/interest in such an exciting thing as Perl 6.

But "days" left no time to think about/plan how to deal with
the expected crushing volume (and varied experience levels)
that was sure to be coming.

The announcement was made, and within days, the lists were alive.

Crushing volume (of poorer than hoped for quality) commenced. 

Folks were so busy pumping that they didn't have time to stop up 
the leak itself.

Things settled out with about


That much clearance between the gunnel and the waterline.

(with which is gunnel and which is waterline open to debate, it appears :-)

Poor planning. Let's not do that again.

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