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On Tue, Dec 05, 2000 at 11:00:06AM +0100, H . Merijn Brand wrote:

> Testing, plain.
> i.e. I'm now pretty involved in p5p, and cannot spare time for p6, though
> I'm following most of it. What I could offer is testing the `current state'
> (what's now bleadperl for p5p) on several non-linux machines (see sig), and
> maybe put some useful comments next to test results.
> Just download/rsync the latest state. Start the test. Report the test results.

Another random idea I had the other day was to find a way of doing this
automatically, preferably with a Perforce review daemon to check out the
source, make sure it builds on a bunch of machines, test it and send the
results back. Doubtless someone has thought of this before.

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