Jonathan Scott Duff <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

 > On Mon, Dec 04, 2000 at 10:08:35PM -0500, Bryan C. Warnock wrote:
 > > Be available.  Don't give a task, then disappear until its due,
 > it,
 > > then disappear again.  Answer questions.  Check the work.  Give
 > This is very important IMHO; especially for apprentices that really
 > need some ramp-up time.  And two-way communication is just important
 > period.

In order to serve and assist future "apprentices" or maintainers, the
communication between the two should be public (unless private on
purpose), or somehow publicly available. Given the undesirability of
having ten gazillion mailing lists, and likely the limited storage space
on tmtowtdi (or whatver variation it's spelling is), is there any way that
this could become a realistic goal? Even if there's a "waiting list",
perhaps one person's apprenticeship could help others who are waiting.
What I wrote last night was rather utopian. In reality, working from
history as an example, I'm a bit worried that there will end up more Toms
than Dans and Nats.


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