Ask (and all),
    I wanted to give a current snapshot of the mailing lists themselves for 
the Perl 6 Digest this week, but.... it's a little out of focus.  
    What are we going to do with the myriad mailing lists the RFC process 
spawned?  Are they going to be recycled come design/implementation time, or 
are they closed/dead/gone. has them all listed as 
"current" (even though deadlines expired months ago.)  perl6-language-unlink 
is the only one mentioned as being closed.
    Not every perl6 mailing list seems to have an blurb on the page.  Not 
every blurb seems to have an archive.  Here's the list I've got, with some 
related info and recommendations, followed by the Bottom Line.

Non-discussion lists

perl6-all - Current mega-subscription list.  (What mailing lists does this 
cover, and how is that determined as lists come and go?)  In use.

perl6-announce - Current ro list of announcements.  In use.

perl6-announce-rfc - An announce list for RFCs.  Are we going to recycle 
this for PDDs?  Even though we talked about eventually revisiting the RFC 
period, that shouldn't need an announce mailing list.  Last post, 4 Oct.

Discussion lists

perl6-build - Originally for config and install RFCs, chaired by Jarkko.  
Could be recycled.  Last post - er, last *real* post - 21 Sep.  6 posts 

perl6-internals-api-embed - Originally chaired by Dan.  Could be recycled.  
Last post was 5 Dec.  2 posts total.

perl6-internals-api-parser - Originally chaired by Dan.  Could be recycled.
Last post was 17 Jan.

perl6-internals-unicode - Originally chaired by Simon.  Could be recycled.  
Last post was 21 Feb.

perl6-internals-syntax-tree - Originally chaired by Dan.  It's on the list, 
but I can't find an archive for it.  No use, perhaps?

perl6-internals - The internals mega list still chaired by Dan.  In use.

perl6-language-data - Originally chaired by Jeremy Howard.  PDL to Perl 6 
language migration.  Freeze.  Last post was 7 Oct.

perl6-language-datetime - Originally chaired by Russ Allbery.  Date & time 
handling.  Freeze.  Last post was 30 Sep.

perl6-language-errors - Originally chaired by Steve Simmons.  Error handling 
and exceptions.  Freeze.  Last post was 4 Oct.

perl6-language-flow - Originally chaired by Uri.  Perl 6 flow control.  
Freeze.  Last post was 9 Nov.

perl6-language-io - Originally chaired by Nathan Wiger.  I/O syntax.
Freeze.  Last post was 5 Nov.

perl6-language-mlc - Originally chaired by Michael J. Mathews.  Multi-line 
comments.  Close (MLCs rejected, per se, by Larry.)  Last post was 23 Aug.

perl6-language-objects - Originally chaired by Nathan Wiger.  Perl OOness.  
Freeze.  Last post was 30 Jan.

perl6-language-regex - Originally chaired by Hugo.  Freeze.  Last post was 
10 Jan.

perl6-language-strict - Originally chaired by J. David Blackstone.  Freeze.  
Last post was 4 May.

perl6-language-subs - Originally chaired by Tim Jenness,  Subroutine syntax.
Freeze.  Last post was 1 Oct.

perl6-language-unlink - Originally chaired by Nathan Wiger.  unlink().  
Closed.  No archive, although there is a link to one.

perl6-languages - The language mega-list still chaired by Skud.  In use.

perl6-licenses - Originally chaired by Bradley Kuhn.  Could be recycled.  
Last post was 25 Jan.

perl6-meta - The catchall list chaired by Nat Torkington.  In use.

perl6-porters - A mailing list from Topaz days.  Freeze (if we want to 
parallel p5p for maintenance and porting post Perl 6 delivery.).  Last post 
was 15 Feb 2001.

perl6-source-control - Not on the list.  Discussions on repositories for 
Perl 6 code development.  Has this been decided?  Last post was 14 Sep.

perl6-stdlib - Originally chaired by Graham.  Module interfaces, and the 
standard library for Perl 6.  Could be recycled.  Last post was 2 Oct.


The originally bootstrap list was specifically closed when -meta started on 
26 Aug.

Michael Schwern's perl-qa is also on the list, and seems to be included in 
perl6-all, although his stated goal (and the current traffic) isn't Perl 6 
specific - hence the name.

Bottom Line

The ones marked as 'Could be recycled' mean just that.  If we drop the 
RFCcentricness of the list, it could be recycled for implementation work.

The ones marked as 'Freeze' have a chance to be reusued later on to convert 
the Apocalypses to PDDs and to fill in the gaps come implementation time. 
They could be recycled, but need to be frozen in the meantime.

The current page should probably break the lists up into two (or three, if 
"Frozen" is acceptable) sections, for the current and closed lists.  Ask, I 
can send you a revamped page after the details have been worked out (barring 
Warnock's Dilemma).

Do any of the aforementioned WG Chairs need to step down or turn over the 

Bryan C. Warnock

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