On Sunday 27 May 2001 06:27 pm, Ask Bjoern Hansen wrote:
> perl6-all is subscribed to all other perl6-.*@perl.org lists.

I guess I was curious as to if that was done programmatically or via policy.
No big deal.

> > Michael Schwern's perl-qa is also on the list, and seems to be included
> > in perl6-all, although his stated goal (and the current traffic) isn't
> > Perl 6 specific - hence the name.
> Correct.

I'll keep it on the list - it needs some free advertising.

> > The current page should probably break the lists up into two (or three,
> > if "Frozen" is acceptable) sections, for the current and closed lists. 
> > Ask, I can send you a revamped page after the details have been worked
> > out (barring Warnock's Dilemma).
> That'd be great.
> Please edit http://dev.perl.org/working-groups.txt (and if needed
> http://dev.perl.org/build-wg-list.pl).

Done, and soon to be mailed.  Here's some of the changes made:
(Included here to close off some open-ended discussions.)

Added bootstrap (since it has an archive) and removed -language-unlink 
(since it didn't).  I said that -source-control wasn't on the list, but I 
was mistaken.  I left perl6-porters off the list, because it's really the 
*other* Perl 6, and not Perl 6: TNG, even though some extraneous traffic did 
find its way onto it.

Added a closed field for the date officially closed (vice when people 
stopped mailing to it, which was invariably later).  Patched the generator 
to trigger off that vice a [closed] section.

Normalized field names and values.  In currently used lists, removed 
references to RFC generation.  Also removed deadlines from the current 
lists, (but not the deadline field, so they can be reinstituted.)

Broke the lists up into two separate sections, Current and Closed.  Each 
section has an intro blurb.  The perl6-all section, which appears last on 
the page, should probably be grouped with the two -announce* groups, perhaps 
behind a read-only or special blurb?  

Marked all lists as 'Closed' except for -qa, -build, -internals, -language, 
-meta, and -stdlib.

Minor stuff, like data file comments and entry sorting.

Did I miss anything?  Or, more importantly, break anything?

Bryan C. Warnock

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