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> perl6-language-datetime - Originally chaired by Russ Allbery.  Date &
> time handling.  Freeze.  Last post was 30 Sep.


> The ones marked as 'Freeze' have a chance to be reusued later on to
> convert the Apocalypses to PDDs and to fill in the gaps come
> implementation time. They could be recycled, but need to be frozen in
> the meantime.


> Do any of the aforementioned WG Chairs need to step down or turn over
> the reins?

Unfortunately, I have almost no time to devote to Perl right now, and the
time that I do have should probably be spent working on POD and POD
translators.  If this mailing list is revived, I think it would be best if
another chair were found (I didn't do a very good job chairing it in the
first place).

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