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I use the expat and libxslt libraries (both in C) regularly via perl,
so I guess I must agree that there is a distinction -- thank you for
clarifying that. But I can't think of any examples where I was stuck
because I couldn't use a "library" only available in, say Python, or
JavaScript in my Perl. But then I'm seeking to learn here so can you
give a nice juicy example of a non-C library that would be a big plus
to be able to include in Perl?

I have a real-world example from my work. Perl lacked a library for parsing and editing Macromedia FLV files. There was one in Ruby[1], but the rest of my code was written in Perl. So, I created the FLV- Info library[2]. It's pretty nice for reading FLVs IMHO, but has no edit features due to my time constraints. If I were working in the magic future where Perl and Ruby are bytecode compatible, perhaps I would have just interfaced with the Ruby library directly instead of having to reinvent it, saving a couple of days of coding and debugging.

 [1]  http://inlet-media.de/flvtool2
 [2]  http://search.cpan.org/dist/FLV-Info/

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