Darren Duncan skribis 2006-05-28 14:37 (-0700):
> For one thing, I'm assuming that a prize-qualifying solution won't be 
> able to link-in legacy Perl 5 modules using Pugs' "use perl5:Foo" 
> syntax; to do so would look bad if we are wanting to show off a Wiki 
> solution using the NEW technology.

I'm assuming re-using code is okay, as long as it's pre-existing.

It would be a good idea to create Perl 6 wrappers around them, so that
once a Perl 6 implementation is good enough for doing it in Perl 6, code
can be migrated easily.

> Therefore, if this Wiki is going to be made sooner rather than later, 
> what are we going to use for a storage engine?

Well, since storage needs support for revisions, I'm all for re-using
open source industry standards like svk or svn.

Initially, the command line tools can be wrapped around. Later, native
support can be built.


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