I'm wondering about some implementation logistics.

For one thing, I'm assuming that a prize-qualifying solution won't be able to link-in legacy Perl 5 modules using Pugs' "use perl5:Foo" syntax; to do so would look bad if we are wanting to show off a Wiki solution using the NEW technology.

Therefore, if this Wiki is going to be made sooner rather than later, what are we going to use for a storage engine?

No Perl 6 RDBMS interface or implementation is ready yet, nor will it likely be for some time. Such is what larger scale Wikis use.

So is this initial Wiki going to use a folder hierarchy of flat files, or a big YAML file, or something? This is fine for an initial version, of course, that is just showing things off, though it may be more difficult to scale.

Perhaps v1 of the Wiki will use YAML or flat files, and v2 an RDBMS.

Or is something more interesting on the horizon, like perhaps an RDF storage?

-- Darren Duncan

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