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I suggest that a
> Perl 6 distribution that includes as many modules as feasible be
> maintained as a strictly separate project. But the P5ish emphasis
> on core modules has to go.

In that case only the compiler and the most basic I/O functionality
needs to be in and i agree that it's not a bad idea.

There should be easy-to-install bundles of modules though -
connectivity bundle, DB bundle, webserver bundle, algorithms bundle,
Unix sysadmin bundle, Win32 bundle, Math bundle etc. Stuff like
DateTime can go to some kind of a Utils bundle.

I happen to agree with Aristotle about keeping the core skinny, and
giving people the option to make their own installs fat in whatever
way they prefer. Seems like Ruby can have Rails, and they're
comfortably two different things.

I haven't tried Rails, but i just hope that if such a killer app
emerges for Perl6, it won't be like Zope or BitTorrent which bundle
their tailored Python interpreter and libs in the default

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