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> Too many people have said "it'll be over by christmas" for me to have
> any confidence in such prognostications, but ...

I can't say I blame you.  I'm just going by my gut, what I've seen before and 
what some birds have sung in my ear.  My opinion on this matter, though, is 
strictly my opinion and is in no way official.

> I doubt a HTML parser is that important.  Something like Storable and
> GDBM_File are though.

When Andy mentioned the Phalanx project, I had the same reaction to some of the 
modules in that project.  However, as has been pointed out regarding MS Word, 
most users only use a very tiny subset of its functionality.  The problem is 
that the users are using different subsets.  I've done huge amounts of HTML 
parsing and can't recall having used GDBM_File.  Perl6 without a robust HTML 
parser would be quite limited for me, though I'm sure one will be ready soon.


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