I believe the name is supposed to be 'Perl on Planks'.

Michael Mathews wrote:
On 30/05/06, A. Pagaltzis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
 If we have to pander to the clueless in order to
make life easier for those in the trenches, I suggest that a
Perl 6 distribution that includes as many modules as feasible be
maintained as a strictly separate project. But the P5ish emphasis
on core modules has to go.

I happen to agree with Aristotle about keeping the core skinny, and
giving people the option to make their own installs fat in whatever
way they prefer. Seems like Ruby can have Rails, and they're
comfortably two different things. Perl6 can have it's own specialised
"framework/s", maybe it will be called it Perl6 on Pajamas, or
whatever, but it can be a completely separate thing. Not an issue.

If any company doesn't want to use open, community tried and reviewed
source code, they are more than welcome to roll their own, but trust
me, it ain't going to automatically become more secure just because no
one outside the company has seen it!


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