* Juerd <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2006-06-06 17:50]:
> side-by-side layouts (extremely useful for showcasing
> differences between Perl 5 and Perl 6)

Good point.

> * Markdown does not have tables.

But it lets you embed verbatim HTML as an escape hatch for
constructs that it does not model, and although it will normally
not format the content of block-level HTML tags, you can ask it
to do so anyway by adding a `markdown="1"` attribute to a
particular tag.

There have also been several long discussions about tables and
definition lists on the Markdown mailing list, too (some started
by Gruber himself). Table and DL syntax will eventually be added.

> * Textile does not have paragraphs in table cells.

Textile does not support nesting constructs (like code blocks
within list items or the like) at all.

> * Kwiki does not have paragraphs in table cells.

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