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> > Maybe this would be a good time to (semi-)formalize some form of
> > recommendations for the project?
> Agreed. (We're talking about the minimal requirements to get the
> thousand for a pswiki, right?) Will this work like the Perl 6
> RFC-Roundup, where the community made proposals and then Larry
> sorted
> them out? Or who shall be the judge?

Good question. :-) I was originally hoping it would be The Perl
Foundation, based on a spec developed by @Larry.

FYI, here's the original post:
"$1,000 prize for Perl 6 Wiki written in Perl 6",

However, there turned out to be problems with doing a prize through
The Perl Foundation. My more recent proposal then became:
"$1,000 Grant (was: prize) for Perl 6 Wiki written in Perl 6",

I didn't get any response to that at all. So my current plan is to
offer a prize directly myself, but I'm uncomfortable being the one who
decides (1) what the (detailed) spec should be, and (2) who (person,
group) has satisfied it, and should be declared the winner.

The last link above gives my general requirements. I'd like something
that could be done sooner rather than later. Using available Perl 5
modules to get started is fine, as long as Perl 6 code plays some sort
of significant role. I'm looking for an initial "XP style" (start with
the minimum that will work) implementation that's "good enough for
initial practical use", but which leaves the door open to a subsequent
series of major improvements. The aim is not to start with a Perl 6
showcase, but to get the ball rolling on a "usable prototype" that can
*later* be incrementally transformed into a Perl 6 showcase. (Again,
please see the ".../217" link/post above for some elaboration.)

I haven't had a chance to adequately digest and think over the
preceding wiki posts from last week, but I think tables should be a

As a point of departure, I'm mostly favorably inclined to Juerd's
remarks on #perl6 (near the end of the log):

However, I think the detailed specs are less important than getting a
usable first version of a wiki (that makes some significant use of
Perl 6) up and running on feather. If someone can produce a wiki that
others are willing to use (and, of course, that doesn't preclude
migration to nicer interfaces), that's the most important thing for

So, back to answering the original question. (1) Is there is someone
else on this mailing list that most other posters would generally
support as the designated "spec pumking" or "proxy @Larry"? (The
guiding criteria are to be the sorts of considerations I've outlined
above.) Once the preliminary spec converged on something that attained
a moderate degree of consensus in this group, I'd declare it to be the
target spec. (2) Would Juerd be willing to serve as the judge of who
sufficiently fulfilled the specs?

Hopefully others would rally behind whoever steps forward to go for
the prize, which could be {demonstrated, facilitated} by making
incremental code drops in the pugs svn tree, under

Best regards,
Conrad Schneiker

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