Conrad Schneiker schrieb:
> 3) (Quoting from above link): "I propose that the wiki be called P6 to
> signify its use of Perl6." I presently prefer something like the
> "Perl++ Wikicosm".

Another idea: Wiki is hawaiian for "quick, fast". Why not take another
hawaiian word? Some examples (you will find more on the web):

-Aloah: Greeting, love ;)
-Kākau: Write
-Kala: To release, free
-Kāmelo: Camel
-Makana: Gift
-Mana: Spiritual power
-Momi: Pearl
-Nani: Beautiful
-Pinao: Dragonfly

Maybe combine these word with "wiki": Kāmelo wiki = "Fast camel" :).

I'd also like "Bikini wiki", sounds sexy, doesn't it? Unfortunately,
this word does not have much in common with Hawaii, instead of both
lying in the pacific ocean.


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