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> Having just been away on yet /another/ training course in Agile
> methodology, I'd say this is a classic disconnect of concerns.
> Sounds
> like Conrad just want something that works, and can be available
> quickly -- a rather traditional customer point-of-view. 

With the very important condition that what is done doesn't preclude
incremental evolution to a great system. That's something that I've
mentioned numerous times, but which almost everyone seems to overlook.
I don't see these as mutually exclusive, I just didn't see any
delineation of what would be a reasonable minimal subset to use as the
initial specification. 

> Well, if we can have a "blogosphere" I suppose we can also have a
> "wikicosm" :-)

Maybe Perlcosm? :-) Since it will hopefully be a big advance over
wikis in the long run.

> > Mainly speaking on point number 2 again, I agree that we need to
> be
> > discussing and deciding on the minimal features, but this is does
> not
> > mean that the architecture should be poorly designed. Even with a
> > weakly implemented yet well designed base, it would be easier to
> take
> > this minimal wiki and upgrade it into something very powerful.


> I already made this argument in an earlier post, when I suggested a
> requirement that the accepted solution have a modular architecture
> (plug-ins, for example). I forget the exact response, but it was
> something like "whatever". Again, I think Conrad is really mainly
> concerned with something that works, and quick. The rest is just
> icing
> -- correct me if I'm wrong here.

Again, subject to not unreasonably precluding great improvements.

> This gets to a point thats been niggling me, which is that because
> of
> the prize/grant involved there is automatically an environment
> created
> which does not reward general community collaboration. 

That's part of the thinking behind the recent suggestion that perhaps
entry to the "contest" should be declared by code drops to the pugs
svn in the example subtree, with the hope that people would rally
behind the first person to take the initiative and show a reasonable
record of progress.

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Conrad Schneiker

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