Mark Stosberg skribis 2006-09-17  8:10 (-0500):
> > Please note that eventually, perl5:CGI is supposed to work as expected.
> For that to happen, there will first have be some documentation telling
> me what expectations to have.

Good point, but I think your expectations are natural and logical.

> When Perl 5 has references and Perl 6 doesn't, I don't know what to
> expect to when I need to pass a hash reference to a Perl 5 routine.

That's mostly terminology. I expect that the syntax will still be the
same. That is:

    perl5sub( { ... } );   # Anonymous hash
    perl5sub( \%hash );    # Capture of a real hash

> Such details make no appearance currently in the Perl 6 spec, but I'm
> trying to gather them on the wiki if you have anything to add:

Great work!

Unfortunately, it still takes up to a minute for pages to
load on my home machine.
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