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On the other HTML outputting functions: They never really belonged in
CGI in the first place I guess. There is no reason they cannot be
generalized to XML outputting and be put in an appropriate library.

There is, actually.  HTML ne XML.  HTML is an SGML application.  XHTML
is an XML application.  The HTML generation functions definitely don't
fit in CGI.pm, but neither should they be pushed out into an XML
generation module, if only for the sake of conceptual clarity.

Regarding the general "CGI.pm in Perl 6" topic... I was working on
porting HTTP::* from LWP to Perl 6 a long time ago, but I was unable
to complete that.  That was probably a year or so ago; if someone
would like to take over and bring it up to date with the latest syntax
and tricks, be my guest.

There were a few discussions with Juerd and others in #perl6 about
CGI.pm in Perl 6... if anyone's interested, I'll look for the logs.
The major feeling was that there should be no CGI.pm (if someone was
hellbent on using it, they could use the Perl 5 module).  Rather,
there needs to be proper seperation of concerns.  Maybe instead of
just importing CGI, you'd now import HTTP::Request::CGI and
HTML::Generator (I'm throwing names out at random, although I did
write HTTP::Request::CGI as a subclass of HTTP::Request whose members
are populated in a manner similar to CGI.pm's parsing of %ENV).

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