Jacinta Richardson skribis 2006-09-21  0:13 (+1000):
> My biggest gripe with CGI's html methods is the inconsistency in their
> names.  I use them every now and then, but I always have to go and look
> up the documentation.  It's "textfield" isn't it?  So that would make
> this one "passwordfield": nope, it's "password_field".  "popup_menu" so
> "scrolling_menu"... Ah, no: "scrolling_list".  How do I make it
> multi-select again?

Yes, this needs to be redesigned completely. Are you volunteering?

> I'd love the Perl 6 version to have a compatibility mode where it
> returned the methods we're all used to, but encouraged something which
> was more intuitive.  Perhaps that would be better in two modules which
> essentially did the same thing though.

The compatibility mode is perl5:CGI, that loads the old Perl 5 CGI.pm.
There's little need for us to port bad things to Perl 6. Peoplo who
really want or need to use them can, and we should concentrate on
creating something that's GOOD for new code. This said, I do think it'd
be wise to document changes in accessible tables.
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