Fagyal Csongor schrieb:
> Ian Langworth wrote:
> A general, simple CGI handling module fits into 200 lines, including
> POD.
> [..]
> You don't really need more. IMHO a CGI module
> parses/preprocesses/decodes/etc. all incoming parameters (POST, GET,
> COOKIES), and that's it.

I can support this statement:

In a ~30k lines (incl POD) web project I actually use CGI.pm mostly for
parameter parsing:

  $ grep -ri 'cgi->' * | grep -v new | wc -l

Wehereas I hardly use for anything else:

  $ grep -ri 'cgi->' * | grep -v new | grep -v param | wc -l

4 of these 7 matches address file upload handling, the other 3 match in
an other custom module with the name *::CGI - not CGI.pm.

But I think that it would be a good idea to create a clean, "servlety"
foundation, upon which you still can implement a 200 lines
CGI.pm/Web.pm/foo.pm that covers the most common web-request tasks.

Thomas Wittek

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