Ian Langworth skribis 2006-09-19 19:02 (-0700):
> It sounds like the name of HTTP is more appropriate:
>   HTTP::Request
>      ...uri, pathinfo, params, method, headers, etc.
> (etc)

Well, yes and no. HTTP is today's web protocol standard, but may not be
with us forever. I was thinking of getting these HTTP modules from LWP
(and Perl6-ify them, and change some method names), and then letting
Web::Blah inherit from HTTP::Blah as a first implementation.

> Maybe CGI.pm could adapt these to the CGI environment and ecapsulate
> their functionality.

Maybe I think that that should absolutely not belong in a root
namespace. Though yes, CGI.pm could be in a directory, like Web/CGI.pm

> Maybe it's too servlety.

No, it's perfect, if we change just a few things (mostly the number of
"convenience methods" that are just delegations, and introduce some real
convenience instead.)
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