>>>>> "RH" == Richard Hainsworth <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

  RH> Consider the position you put me, or another sponsor, in. You mention
  RH> a specific person, someone who is highly respected and extremely
  RH> talented. You ask if I consider this person to be as flaky as a
  RH> character that was a figment of my imagination, and if I say 'no he is
  RH> not so flaky', then the implication is I will provide sponsorship. And
  RH> if I demur, you might say 'put up or shut up' and I feel under
  RH> pressure to do something I might not really want to.

i am sorry if i caused you any concern or confusion.  i didn't mean to
put you under any pressure in any way. my goal was to inform anyone here
about another way to help with supporting perl6 (and perl5 cpan)
developers, in particular damian. as for damian being flaky or not, that
is a great question! :).

  RH> The whole point about having an institutional channel for sponsorship
  RH> is to remove the need for personal judgments, for sponsors to specify
  RH> exactly how their money should be used, for the procedures to be in
  RH> place to cover shortfalls from a central budget, for rules to be clear
  RH> about what happens to money that is in excess of earmarked programmes,
  RH> and for there to be clarity in all possible grey areas that happen in
  RH> life.

i agree about needing better institutional channels for sponsorship. i
am just offering a small side channel for those who would like to
support damian.

  RH> I have absolutely no issues with the excellent series of courses
  RH> you run, especially if they are taught by Damian. But where do
  RH> they fit into the general scheme of things? Are they essential to
  RH> the development of perl6, or do they only benefit a small group of
  RH> regional companies. Do they benefit me (bear in mind that the
  RH> company I run is based in Moscow, Russia)?

i didn't aim this at companies in moscow. you had the last best email
on this thread which inspired me to respond. note that i replied to the lists
as well directly to you. it was a purely informational post for the perl
6 community.



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