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increase in the number of new Perl6ers at around < 100x slower. (That, and the 10 "most important" Perl5 CPAN modules ported to Perl6 :))

Strangely enough, I was working on a list of things like this at one point. I'll format it up a bit, and include it below.


Category 1: Popular module types not covered by the Perl6 specs
-       Tree/Datapath API module type (include DBI access, PathTools, maybe URI)
-       Template module type (ie. HTML::Mason/Text::Template)
-       Protocol module type requires:
        -       Grammars
        -       Event-loop framework (see below)
        -       Finite state machine

Category 2: Other popular purposes that aren't already covered by perl features (eg. grammars or testing):
-       Images (ie. GD)
-       Archive/Encoding/Encryption
-       Interfaces for specific software

Category 3: Covered well by the specs
-       Time/Date -- see Temporal.pod

Category 4: Covered sketchily by the specs
-       Event-loop framework -- will go in S17
        -       See POE-basic, AnyEvent, etc.


I generated the ideas in the above list by looking at some list of the top 100 Perl5 modules (Phalanx or something), and trying to extract out what I thought the common themes were. But I haven't explained some of them very well.

I've gone on enough about the Tree/Datapath stuff often enough that those who followed it will have some idea of what I'm on about, but if not, let me know.

The "Protocol" module mentioned is an idea for a suite of modules like Perl5's Net::Cmd, but better; inbuilt stuff for dealing with some of the basic kinds of protocol, whether basic call/response like POP, or numbered responses like SMTP, or the xAP style format used in IMAP and ACAP, or the MIME-encoded stuff in HTTP.

Hopefully most of the rest should be fairly obvious, but if not, let me know.


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