There isn't a 6.0.0 as such.

Perl 6's language specification, versioned 6.c (aka Christmas) was
released; at the same time, the Rakudo Perl 6 compiler, version
2015.12 was released, which is the most up to date implementation of
this specification.

The specification is intended to have only minor changes in 6.c going
forward; the next version (6.d, no specific release date planned) will
likely have more involved changes. In the meantime, an implementation
that supports 6.c is free to change internals or parts of the language
that were not explicitly part of the 6.c specification.

Future versions of the compiler may have support for multiple versions
of the specification that can be handled with a lexical "use v6.c" to
get old behavior once the spec changes.

Finally, Rakudo * is a distribution that includes the compiler and
multiple modules; Look for this bundled release of the 2015.12 Rakudo
in the next few days.

On Sun, Dec 27, 2015 at 2:33 PM, webmind <> wrote:
> Hiya,
> I'm a bit confused, there is a major release for Perl 6, but I know
> wonder if this is the 6.0.0 release or when this will be?
> Thanks
> web
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