On Tue, Dec 29, 2015 at 01:57:57AM -0800, Darren Duncan wrote:
>> On that note, are there going to be Perl 6 versions 6.x.y where {x,y} 
> > integers?  Will 6.0.0 be the first such one? -- Darren Duncan

On Tue, Dec 29, 2015 Patrick Michaud wrote:
> "Perl 6" is a language, not an implementation of that language.  Think 
of "Perl 6" as being like "C", "C++", "Javascript", etc., where the 
language is separate from the (many) implementations of that language.

I'm just a very ordinary perl hacker here, but Alex's point I think should 
be addressed.  Most of us (i.e ordinary, un-language implementation geeks) 
are looking to download a Perl6 and if it's rakudo x.y.z, fine, but make 
that seem like something like perl.6.tar.gz. It would seem that gently 
introducing the complete separation w/ a little of Perl's famous (to me) 
"syntatic sugar" (meta-syntatic?) to help us getting started.  Maybe the 
lower case distinction, "perl6.x.y" vs "Perl 6.c", would soothe both sides 
of the discussion.

But agree that there is a missed opportunity; marketing, audience, ease of 
press release noticing, if there's no easy "perl 6" download page.  Or, 
worse, if there is, but it gets them the text (test suite?) for 6.c 

Just a note - currently running the process from:

and, aside from seeing a number of format argument mismatches [1], seems 
to be going well. 


src/6model/reprs/NFA.c: In function ?nqp_nfa_run?:
src/6model/reprs/NFA.c:442:17: warning: format ?%lld? expects argument of 
type ?long long int?, but argument 6 has type ?MVMint64? [-Wformat=]
                 fprintf(stderr,"%c with %ds target %lx offset 
%lld\n",cp,(int)numcur, (long)target, offset);
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