On 2015-12-29 1:58 PM, simran wrote:
* ParrotVM seems to be pretty much dead? (this is not a trolling question, it
appears from certain emails on this list in the past few days that this seems to
be an opinion, i'm just taking it at face value...)

On one hand I just interpreted this as ParrotVM being de-prioritized. Getting *A* working Rakudo out the door, even if on fewer VMs, was more important than keeping all the VMs in sync, in the short term. I anticipate that Parrot will or may catch up later to MoarVM+JVM in fully supporting Rakudo.

On the other hand, it is possible that Parrot has had its day. Since Parrot is no longer needed to have an effective running Perl 6, there would have to be other reasons for Parrot to continue to be viable ongoing. This could be as simple as that enough people want to keep maintaining it and provide another option for Rakudo. Or it could be because Parrot has other unique features over the other VMs that are compelling.

For what I want, as long as I can target NQP, that is as low level as I care to get in this ecosystem, and the fact that runs in MoarVM and JVM is enough for me. NQP over multiple VMs provides the promises of Parrot as far as I'm concerned, a common environment multiple programming languages can compile to and interact with each other.

I do have my own programming language almost ready to run. The current plan is to make it run over alternatively C# and Perl 5 first, and NQP and Ruby and Python and Java after. I don't know yet if there is value to targeting Perl 6 at large when I have NQP; I could, but NQP is more important to do in practice I think.

-- Darren Duncan

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