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> Starting from the end: there's no need to use github, panda can install
> stuff just fine from a local directory :)
I've been not able to use panda to install a module from a local directory.
I reinstalled panda when I built moar 2016.04, few days ago, so it should
be quite current.

When I try 'panda install ./A-B' from the containing directory I receive
this error message:

resolve stage failed for ./A-B: Project ./A-B not found in the ecosystem.
Maybe try "panda update" first?

It seems that panda doesn't even consider a local directory as a possible

As for the directory layout,
> https://github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/nom/docs/module_management.md is
> probably the best source to learn how it works under the hood.
> Thank you very much, this is an interesting reading indeed!

Fernando Santagata

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