On 25 May 2017 at 09:59, Richard Hainsworth <rnhainswo...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I have just suggested a Task::Popular module on the IRC channel, and
> feedback so far is positive.
> I will work on it at the weekend. Hopefully have a module ready soon.
> Basically, I will use my work on the most recursively cited modules in the
> Ecosytem (see http://finanalyst.github.io/ModuleCitation/ )
> Then filter for passing modules (as on the modules.perl6.org site).
> I will look at the data for recursive citation and see if there is a
> statistically significant top group that can be characterised with a
> recursive citation index threshold, otherwise I'll use the top 20.
> Since this can be done programmatically, a fresh module can be generated
> each month based on the most used/useful passing modules of the previous
> month.

Richard, this sounds an excellent idea! And the graphs a very useful
resource for suggestions for Rakudo Star.

The more people building collections of modules regularly and testing
then the better the chances of everything installing and avoiding

Good luck!

Cheers Steve

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