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>> However, for someone new to the Perl6 world, there needs to be some form of
>> recommendation about useful "first" modules.
> Agree, but would go further:
> Someone new to Perl 6 should not need to make any decision regarding
> modules and should not need to install anything else for the common
> tasks. What are common tasks changes with time. These days accessing
> SQLite, handling JSON, YAML, INI files, and even XML falls in that
> place. Even simple web application development falls in that category.

This decision can be outsourced to the community (as this thread
shows). I think a bundle of this nature would be more useful than
Task::Star (which had a basically random collection) or Task::Popular
(which IMO is random on another axis)

> IMHO if the distribution of Perl 6 (I guess I mean Rakudo Start) does
> not come with such capabilities then it won't be able to compete with
> languages such as PHP or Python because of
> 1) Analysis paralyzes
> 2) Lack of knowledge how to install
> 3) Lack of rights (technical or legal)

Note, Rakudo::Star is not intended to be "the" distribution. (as the
.vip discussion I think highlights)

Note that from a business standpoint, the bundling isn't helpful
(along with your legal rights question on #3); Each of these pieces of
software has its own licensing considerations, and is going to have to
be reviewed to insure that it can be used on a particular project/by a
particular team. (The bundling is much more relevant for
students/personal development)

I think a more helpful approach is to move on the CPAN approach and
then use existing tools for recommendations/ratings, etc.

Finally, as I recall, Perl 6 made a deliberate decision not to bundle
as much in core as Perl 5, and to push out these decisions about what
is a useful group of modules to the community anyway - which I am glad
to see is happening here.

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