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    Is there a similar "print" to the STDERR for when
    you don't want the cr-lf inserted?

    The hard way:
    $*ERR.print: "print to std err\n";

That's it. It's not really common enough to deserve something shorter.

Thank you for the confirmation.  Searching for
something like this brings up a bazillion Perl 5 hits.

Oh well, neither is "note".  Someone must have
had a special need for it at one time.

If its helps others, this is my notes on STDERR:

Perl6: print to STDERR:

$ perl6 -e '$*ERR.print: "print to std err\n";'
print to std err

$ perl6 -e '$*ERR.say: "print to std err";'
print to std err

$ perl6 -e '$*ERR.say: "print ", "to ", "std err";'
print to std err

note: is say that prints to the STDERR
$ perl6 -e 'note "print ", "to ", "std err";'
print to std err

use Terminal::ANSIColor;  # qx[ color ];
sub PrintRedErr ( $Str ) { $*ERR.print: color('bold'), color('red'), "$Str", color('reset'); }

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