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        Everyone does at one time :) It's really useful for debugging,
        but you generally strip it out of production code.

    I saw a business study somewhere (I don't remember where)
    that determined that the notes folks doodle into the margins on
    working papers are often time more useful than the papers
    themselves.  One wonders how much of this happens in Perl!

That'd be comments, actually. Sadly, the same rule doesn't seem to apply; programmers are terrible at writing useful comments for the most part.

Hi Brandon,

I "LOVE" to program in Top Down.  You have command and execution.
It reads like a contract.  It is harder to write than Stream of
Conscience, but it is insanely easier to maintain.  This is because
the structure makes it even more powerful than comments.  But
you still have to use comments.

The command sections tells you what it happening.  The subs tell
you the nitty-gritty of how.  I learned all this in my Pascal / Modula2
days.  If one is not careful and loves to program in Stream of
Conscience, you can come up with a write only language very quickly.


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