On 09/15/2017 01:29 PM, Brandon Allbery wrote:

    Thank you for the confirmation.  Searching for
    something like this brings up a bazillion Perl 5 hits.

    Oh well, neither is "note".  Someone must have
    had a special need for it at one time.

Everyone does at one time :) It's really useful for debugging, but you generally strip it out of production code.

Hi Brandon,

I saw a business study somewhere (I don't remember where)
that determined that the notes folks doodle into the margins on
working papers are often time more useful than the papers
themselves.  One wonders how much of this happens in Perl!

Perl 6 is an awesome example of Kaisen (constant improvement)
in action.  It is something to behold.  I wish other projects
were 1/10 as responsive!  I will even take 1/20!


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